Sunday, 23 December 2012

OUTFIT Of The Day: Green and Gold Brocade

Thought I'd post about an outfit I wore a few weeks ago, which was slightly different because these days I tend to go for long, glowy dresses, and this was slightly a little more 'traditional' in that it was a plain kameez with tapered trousers. I bought this outfit from RDC London a while back (yayyy for random sales!) because I loved the colours and the flattering shape of the kameez. I wore it to a friend's wedding day, which it was perfect for because it was so sparkly, and really comfortable.

Here's the outfit, and what I put it together with - I didn't really accessorise much because I though the kameez was blingy enough, and I also had a slightly worked hijab too (not to mention the metallic trousers!)

I paired the outfit with a blingy ring and some golden strappy heels, and that was enough for me (I actually forgot to look for some bangles to match, but I think I didn't need them in the end!). My favourite part of the outfit is the neckline, which is beautifully embroidered with dabka (metal) work and crystals. The trousers also had some small embroidered motifs at the ankle.

Kameez outfit - RDC London
Shoes - Kurt Geiger
Ring - Ramsha, Ilford Lane (see here)
Clutch Bag - Indian Hanger

 And this is me wearing it all together, you can't tell properly but I'm also wearing a slightly worked hijab (actually from another outfit) which I used instead of wearing a blingy hijab pin.

Overall, I really liked the kameez for this outfit (I was slightly less in love with the trousers, I love brocade but these made me look slightly like a modern-day MC Hammer) - and I got a lot of compliments for the beautiful colours. What I really liked was that the material was quite sturdy for the amount of work on it - I always find with chiffon outfits, they get torn and ruined very quickly if the work gets caught on it. Because this was georgette, it doesn't tend to catch as easily and holds the work better. As always, my clutch bag went perfectly (I've used it so many times and always got compliments!) and the outfit itself was very easy to accessorise. Definitely a piece to wear when you get sick of wearing long dresses!


  1. OMG!You look very elegant.Can I know how much you paid for this dress?Can I order online?

  2. Thank you! I bought it from here:

    No idea if you can order it online as I bought mine from the shop last year, but they are willing to ship as far as I know. I paid about £180 for the outfit, but it was on sale for half price!