Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Curly Fry's Shopping Therapy! Winter Essentials

Thought I'd tell you about some of the things I've bought recently, seeing as it's winter time and I've needed a few things. I know it's not the usual kapray shapray I post about, but thought I'd tell you about a few things I've bought this week, especially with it being the winter season, and with it our changes of wardrobes!

I bought this Zara coat as I needed a new coat and have been looking for something which I'd find warm and which I also would fall in love with. I set out to buy this coat, and ended up with this one below. I'm pretty happy with what I ended up with, it's stylish, funky and most importantly...covers my bum too.

Coat can be found at Zara
I also was in dire need of a bag (my last bag fell apart and the one I've been using since is too small to be useful for anything except holding my phone), so I bought this River Island satchel bag. I've been liking the satchel bag look recently and find this really practical, and though I'd go for something funky. My sister does not like it at (she particularly despises the pony hair part), which is probably a good sign :D

Bag from River Island
Have you bought anything new lately? If not anything new, anything on your wish list?

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