Saturday, 8 December 2012


I've recently discovered the colourful, vibrant work of Pakistani designer Faiza Samee, which really appeals to me because of her use of beautiful colours and rich fabrics, which look both traditional as well as very funky and adventurous.

I also love how these designs are put together - each piece of the outfits, the top, skirts/trousers and the dupattas each are beautifully made and are statement pieces in their own rights. Usually this would mean the outfit is too overloaded and can look busy, but I think the resulting outfits actually look great, they compliment each other and combine to make some unique looking outfits. I'm pretty sure that with a lot of these designs, there's another 3 looks which can be made (like wearing a heavy dupatta with a plain suit,or wearing plain trousers with a kameez, and so on!)

These are just some of the outfits I loved, some of them are from recent shows this year, and some of them are a couple of years old, but the style is very much the same in terms of bright colours and beautiful design.

Out of all of her designs, I'm in love with these two the most, particularly because of the dupatta/scarves for both outfits, which look beautiful and which really are the statement pieces. I'm a big fan of peacock feathers, and although it's a theme which has been done several times, it's always nice to see it incorporated in clothes in new ways. I LOVED the print of the dupatta of this first outfit, for me, it is the one thing which really makes an outfit. 
The second outfit is the same in how I am in love with the richly embellished dupatta, it's something I could imagine wearing with a plain silk suit to set off the colours and work.

 All images from Faiza Samee Facebook group

I also really love these dupattas because I find that unless an outfit is a bridal one, sometimes the dupatta can get neglected and it just becomes a plain piece to go with an outfit, or it just mirrors the work of a dress/kameez to make it match. In these outfits, the focus is all on the dupatta, which is something quite adventurous (especially in a clothes industry where the focus can be on the cut or work on dresses).

I 've emailed the designer about these last two pieces, as I'm curious about costs, and I'm still awaiting a reply. I'm even considering getting something similar made to these dupattas which I can wear to  mehndi parties or even with plain suits, as it is something which feels effortless and would be easy to wear. What do you think about these designs?

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