Friday, 21 December 2012

LOVELY HIJAB: Inaayah Collection

Now here's a collection I'm in love with, hijabs, hijab pins and abayahs by Inayah, a UK based company which designs and sells beautiful abayahs, hijabs and hijab pins. It's not always easy to find hijabs and abayahs which are stylish without compromising on modesty, and the ones you do find sometimes are very expensive which aren't always convenient for our budget. Inayah is one of those company I've been admiring for a while because they don't quite break the bank, they give great style ideas and they seem to have the full package: abayahs, dresses, hijabs, hijab pins and even other jewellery.

I love the abayah designs of this company, although I don't wear abayahs myself, I can see the appeal of these cuts and colours, they retain the modesty required but add a big splash of funkyness. Have a look through their lookbook to see their styles, I really like a lot of the styles put together. I also like the fact that they also cater for buyers who may not wear abayahs but may still want to dress modestly, like putting together smart blouses with long skirts, and accessorising with beautiful scarves.

And of course the scarves are equally beautiful, mixing silky, beautiful materials with pretty shades of colour and prints. I find a lot of these colours flattering, and it's nice to see how practical they are, they're easy to match to outfits and they suit various skin tones. I especially like the scarves with the pearly-beaded trims, like the coral pink one below, which I think looks quite pretty, especially as the scarf still looks quite lightweight to wear, and doesn't look like it will drag down or get in the way (which I find with a lot of embellished scarves!).

And my favourite from the collection are the hijab pins! Here's just a sample of the different styles, sizes and colours they come in (that first one on the far left with the three spikes is certainly different, very funky!), but I love how beautifully made they look.

I can look at these all day, the glass beads and stones on most of Inayah's hijab pins look beautiful, and I really don't think I have a favourite either! Although these two below are amongst the ones I do love, the emerald one looks beautifully rich (and it's one of my favourite stones), and the vintage pearly one is something which looks really elegant, and adds a touch of class.

While some of the prices of items are slightly higher than you might expect (the average hijab pin is around £10 each, and the dressier hijabs are £100 plus), I think it's worth it to invest in a decent piece which will last you for ages. My eldest sister, who wears an abayah, has told me in the past that it's not always easy to find a good abayah that is made from good quality material without making you look frumpy, or being in the typical black. I think Inayah is one of those companies which takes these concerns into consideration, and try to combine modesty with style - and in my opinion, has succeeded.

I've ordered from Inayah once before, where I ordered a few hijab pins as a gift for a friend, and I was quite happy with the service - the pins came very quickly, were wrapped carefully, and even came in a nice box! So I would recommend the company if you do like some of their stuff - you can buy from their website or Facebook page - and please let me know what you think!

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