Wednesday, 12 December 2012

MAKE-UP REVIEW: Bronzey Eyes and Smokey Eyes

God knows there's a lot of tutorials out there on how to do your make-up, so I won't overload you with any today! I did think this beautiful, bronzey eye-shadow look was amazingly well done, using the famous Urban Decay's Naked palette which, yes, I do have (review on that soon!). But I'm loving how beautifully rich these colours look when blended together, they would suit Asian skin tones very well and I can easily imagine this look can be darkened to make it dramatic or softened for a lighter, daytime look.

Image belongs to NAZMEEN A (MUA)

The make-up artist who did this is Nazmeen, a make-up artist who actually did my make-up on the day of my sister's wedding (and also my sister and my mum), and we were quite happy with the make-up she did. I asked for a lighter look for my mum, with a light wash of gold eyeshadow as well which my mum was very happy with (and she got plenty of compliments too) - although we did draw the line at false eyelashes (my mum was horrified at the thought!).

For myself I requested dramatic, smokey eyes with salmon-coloured, almost nude lips, which is what I ended up with. I do love how the make-up turned out, although it wasn't very 'me', as I usually tend to stick to simple eye make-up, with quite neutral shades. You can see the results below (sort of!):

Excuse the blurryness!
I do have to admit, that this is a flattering photo of the make-up, as there were a lot of pictures where the dark eyeshadow and the heavy false eyelashes didn't look so amazing, and I'm reluctant to do this look frequently because it had the effect of making my face look slightly older.

What I will say, is that the make-up WAS done brilliantly, it lasted all day and I got quite a good rate from Nazmeen herself because there was more than one person getting their make-up done! Have a look through her albums and let me know what you think!


  1. Salaam!You never showed your face but i was pretty sure about your looks.You have got most beautiful eyes.

  2. Thanks Ritu! I try not to show my face because the blog is not about me!!