Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Mehndi Outfits

We (the sisters of the bride) decided to wear simple outfits made of banarsi material, in bright colours for the mehndi night, to keep things simple and also give a pretty, traditional look. I'm a fan of banarsi material and jamawar prints, so I was quite happy to go with this. My mum bought fabrics from her trip in Pakistan and got them stitched for us, in these colours below:

My outfit was the coral pink one, which was basically stitched in a simple kameez with loose trousers. I wasn't a fan of the lace trim on the neckline, but the colour was a really flattering one, and it did come together well. I kept the look simple rather than overloading with jewellery, as the outfit is a bit shimmery, so just accessorised with a pretty silver tikka and some matching bangles brought from Pakistan.

And this is me wearing the outfit, which was surprisingly comfortable and very easy to run around in on the night. My sisters and I got a lot of compliments on the night about the outfits, especially as the colours did look beautiful together with the jewel themes of the mehndi night and the rich colours of the fabrics. Initially we weren't sure about the outfits we got, as we weren't sure that they'd work together, but on the night we were really pleased with how they looked; simple, pretty and eye-catching.

I'm not sure whether this outfit fits into the trends of the catwalk today, but it's definitely a classic style because of the fabric print, and the fact that it's so simple. I really enjoyed the night too and found that the outfit accommodated for the activities (running around, dancing and singing!), and that it really went well alongside the bride's outfit too!


  1. Lovely outfits and colours! Personally I really like the lace!!

  2. The outfits and mehndi pics look beautiful!

  3. I like your outfit.I like the lace.You look stunning.