Saturday, 5 November 2011

Eid Clothes Sneek Peek!

The local Asian shops have been buzzing with shoppers buying new outfits, and the girls in my family have been no exception! I've not managed to find anything I'm happy with (everything is too expensive, too heavy, too light, too picky?)

Here are a few of my finalists for outfits which caught my eye in the shops on the high street (sneakily taken in changing rooms - don't judge me, I couldn't resist!) as well as some outfits I already own but haven't worn for a while which I'm thinking of putting to use, opinions anyone?

Entry #1: A wine red jacket with metal and diamante embellishment all along the front and neckline, and a long 'tail' at the back of the jacket. Comes with a raw silk plain deep red kameez underneath the jacket, and steel metal grey straight trousers and grey dupatta. Looks very, very sparkly one, but may not be practical as it looks a little too heavy and more for a wedding-y occasion. But appealed to me a lot because of the glittery sparkle and the beautiful shade of red, plus I love jacket-style clothes (you may have picked up by now my penchant for sparkly things!)

Entry #2: A lovely bottle green long kameez which comes nearly down to the ankle, as is the Pakistani fashion at the moment. I liked this one because of the pretty beadwork and the A-line shape of the kameez, plus the fact that I don't have a kameez as long as this one. This outfit comes with wide, sharara-style trousers, and has a bright blue splash of fabric on the sides in a ruched style, and also on the neckline (as you can see in the picture). The only thing I was not sure about with this design was the combination of the dark green and gold, with the sky blue chiffon, which seemed a little incongruous. Jury's still out on this one.

Entry #3: Next up is something from my wardrobe, a rose and cranberry ombre-shaded coloured suit, consisting of a jacket with brocade-style lining and an inner, sleeveless kameez worn underneath with embellishment along the chest and the waist of it. I love this outfit as it is something which I always  get compliments from every time I have worn it; it's such a flattering cranberry red and rose colour combination, and the the maroon satin/brocade lining is my favourite part of it. The only thing that puts me off about this one is that I can't find the dupatta for this suit anywhere! Although I'm sure I can find something in my mum's wardrobe which will go perfectly :)

Entry #4: I fell in love with this dress at first sight simply because it's so well put together. This is a long, A-line dress style kameez in royal purple, with a a large strip of black velvet fabric at the hem, with hot pink and olive green satin-y strips along it. There's also a black velvet portion at the neck and chest of the kameez (see the first picture below) which is covered in metal dabka work, beads and diamante patterns. What I like about this suit is that it's not too heavy, the only work is at the neck and it's not too small that it won't get covered up by my hijab (which is a real problem with me!). I also love the shape of this kameez, it's long enough that it comes down to mid-shin, but not too long that you can't see a peep of the churidar underneath. Also, it has nice velvet cuffs and I'm quite partial to nice sleeves. The only thing with this outfit is that it's again, a little costly, and I'm not sure whether the price of it justifies what I am getting.

Entry 5#: Last one! This one is another outfit from my wardrobe, bought from Pakistan about a year ago by my mum. It's in a light creamy-yellow shade with hot pink detail and embroidery, as well as pearl-looking beads and diamante running down the front of the whole dress. I love the shape of this dress, it's very flattering for my shape and satisfyingly swishy too. It's made up of panels and has wide trousers to wear with it, as well as small bead work scattered around the dress. I also like the fact that it has a high collar and fitted sleeves, which add a little more of the glam-factor.

So that's all the entries, please do let me know which you like the most! 
I will be posting very soon which one I ended up going with, and please also let me know what you will be wearing, as I always like to hear about this from my readers :)

Hajj Mubarak and Eid Mubarak everyone, and I hope you have a lovely day looking beautiful (and spilling food on your nice new clothes - don't worry you're not alone!)


  1. I like entry 5 and the work on the 3rd one is pretty!

  2. Aww decisions, descisions! But thanks, Eid Mubarak to you too! x

  3. I have yet to decide on my outfit! i will tomorrow morning! Eid mubarak! (cupcake from gs :p)

  4. Aww Cupcake Eid Mubarak to you to! x

  5. Hi! Where do you get your replica outfits from?

  6. Hiya, I get some from India, and some from Pakistan. The last few I've had are mostly from India, but there's plenty of people who order through facebook as well with home-besed designers x