Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Faryal Makhdoom's photoshoot for Hello! Pakistan

The beautiful Faryal Makhdoom did her first photo-shoot for a Pakistani magazine recently, and she looked beautifully stylish. I LOVE this collaboration of some of Pakistan's amazing make-up artists, designers and jewellery makers, and I'm a fan of all the ones in this photoshoot.

Faryal's make-up was done by popular beauty and make-up artist Natasha Khalid at her salon, whose make-up style I love because of the soft, rich colours, and the dew-y foundation styles. Faryal was given striking eyes which suit her beautiful features, as well as rich, pinky tones for her lips, which I thought looked really pretty.

Her outfits were by designer Shehla Chatoor, whose designs I have been eyeing up for a while now, particularly because I love her mix of colours and the drapes of her dresses. A couple of the outfits worn by Faryal were a little revealing for my tastes, but I do love the long jacket suit she wears, and the cream and navy long dress she wears in the shots.

And lastly is the beautiful jewellery modelled by Faryal, which was designed by Sherezad, whose pieces are lovely. I'm a big fan of this designer's jewellery, although it doesn't come cheap - but it's nice for some eye-candy!

I quite liked this photo-shoot because it brought together several designers and make-up artists/stylists, and it worked well together - although it helps that Faryal is quite beautiful anyway! While I wouldn't wear some of the outfits, I did really like the make-up, and it's certainly something to take inspiration from.

   Images from Nadir Firoz Khan FB page

Photography by Nadir Firoz Khan
Styled by Alyzeh Rahim Shirazi
Makeup by Natasha Salon
(Make up by Natasha Khalid, hair by Hina Durrani & Sabrina Khalid)
Clothes by Shehla Chatoor
Jewelllery by Sherezad Rahimtoola


  1. She's almost unrecognisable in some of these pics, they're a massive change from the personal photos she usually posts of herself.

  2. Agreed, she looks very grown up hin these pictures, the ones she posts of herself are not as professionally groomed!

  3. she looks nothing like any of the pictures she takes of herself... that's weird

  4. Faryal looking beautiful in these photos She should change lifestyle