Friday, 19 April 2013

FASHION'S PASSIONS & PATTERNS: The 1920s' Style Dresses by Paras & Shalini

I'm really liking Phulkari's latest addition to their collection of designers - duo Paras and Shalini, who seem to have a really different style to most things I have seen on the high street. Admittedly, I haven't heard of these two designers before, but I do like what I've seen of them so far, both online and instore at Phulkari.

I've seen the words 'vintage' and 'fusion' styles thrown around a lot when it comes to Asian fashion, but I think they would fit these designer's outfits quite well - the maxi dresses here are cut well, they look beautifully elegant, and there's something about them which have an convincing 1920s style to it which I find very refreshing. I've shown these to several friends and acquaintances of mine, and they all love these dresses - perhaps because they are so simple yet very flattering, and perhaps also because they are a nice change to the usual dresses we've seen in the high street too.

I think my favourites are the two dusky pink dresses at the top, although I've seen a few other designs in the shop which I also love, and which also have a 1920's and 30s' theme to them which I love. I like that these dresses are also very hijab friendly, it would be easy to add some longer sleeves on them and wear them as they are, as they are modest yet also have a good cut.

What do you think of this duo's designs?

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