Tuesday, 17 April 2012

BRIDE COUTURE: Chinese Ambassador Gets Married Pakistani-Style

I don't normally post too much about the news and entertainment, but I saw this today and thought it was lovely - a Chinese diplomat for the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, Islamabad who got married in a traditional Pakistani style - and couldn't resist sharing. I love hearing about this kind of culture-crossing, and the example of this couple, Wang Qianting, a journalist and Wang Shengjie, a diplomat of the Chinese embassy is definitely something to smile about. I love how both the bride and groom carried their outfits beautifully and look so at ease with their outfits and the wedding. I can imagine that Asian weddings and their bright colours and glamour appeal to a lot of non-Asians (certainly I know a lot of people who express admiration for our sparkly weddings, decoration and clothes!) so it's nice to see in cases like this.

Here's hoping we see more beautifully arranged wedding like this :)

 Image from here

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