Thursday, 26 April 2012

MAKE-UP REVIEW: Avengers Inspired Make-Up

Every now and then I'll see some make-up looks inspired by something unexpected which I also love - and this is certainly an amazing example! Finnish make-up extraordinaire Jangsara experiments with all sorts of colours and looks, and in this case, has used the entire cast of the Avengers for her latest eye-make up experiments. Although I'm not sure how practical these would look as normal party make-up, it's been done beautifully, with rich, smouldering colours in a way which I really, really like. There's a real art to these, and it's been created in a way which looks very wearable and pretty. I love how the colours and proportions have been matched so closely, as well as the use of beautiful, rich eye shadows. Maybe something to try for a Halloween Eid party this year?

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