Wednesday, 25 April 2012

HIGH STREET DESIGNS: Red & Velvet Anarkali Dress by RDC

Oh dear, I seem to be posting a lot about RDC, I know, but just wanted to post quickly about a pretty dress which caught my eye the last few days when going past the store. It's the perfect balance of elegance (and swishy!) and beautiful, rich colours. I love the fact that it's a fairly traditional design, yet very flattering in terms of the A-line skirt and the rich work on the bodice and hem. I'd love to wear this piece, but unfortunately the price tag is just too high for me!

What do you think of this dress? Is it something you'd like to wear?

 Image belongs to RDC London


  1. Find another shop! Like that beejees one or something. You know the one we've bought some suits from. They are timeless classics at truly affordable prices. From youknowwho haha

  2. I love this dress, its beautiful would love to buy this and wear for christmas day just exactly what I have been searching for.