Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bunto Kazmi at Fashion Pakistan Week 2012

It's always nice to see some Bunto Kazmi designs on the catwalk, especially as her designs are hardly ever showcased, and I've only ever seen her bridal wear on real brides. Here's the latest collection as showcased in Fashion Pakistan Week which took place only last week, showing some beautifully rich designs, rich work and intricate work. I like the fact that these outfits don't look too bridal and are a little more wearable for the average (although wealthy!) buyer who would like something luxurious to wear as part of their formal wardrobe.  I like how each of these designs have that signature 'Bunto' feel to them, yet also have a good range of colour and design, my personal favourite would probably be either the long red dress in the middle, or the peachy design at the end, cos of how sparkly it looks!

 I'll be sure to post other designers from Fashion Pakistan Week which have caught my eye, although if you have any that you like, let me know so I can look out for them!

Images from here


  1. Salaam,
    wow these are totally amazing, you've made me a fan. I can totally see myself in 2 nd 3, also loving 7., can only daydream...

  2. I like how classic most of them look, some of them look like designs which will last for years!