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BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Karishma Kapoor's Rajasthani Style in 'Dangerous Ishhq'

Karishma Kapoor has been busy promoting her comeback to Bollywood films, notably the upcoming 'Dangerous Ishhq', which promises to be interesting (and in 3D!). It's looking to be an interesting watch, I don't know much about the storyline but it seems to involve some kind of horror-slash-reincarnation story, although the costumes themselves seem tobe something to look out for, definitely.

There seems to be a strong Rajasthani theme running in the outfits and film sets of the film, which is kept pretty simple with the focus of pretty jewellery and rich colours, rather than over-heavy outfits. I've always loved this strand of traditional Indian style, and from an initial perspective, seems to be quite well done in this film so far.

First one to catch my eye was this bright blue and pink combination, which seems to have a fitted gold bodice or jacket on it as well. The richness of this outfit is certainly in it's small details, such as the pretty jewellery, the gold hem of the dupatta, and the well-put-together colours.

I also love how a lot of Karishma's outfits in this film appear to be a dress style with a nice swishy skirt, yet also very, very modest. A lot of these outfits also show how a traditional woman in the older eras in India would have kept her head covered and wore modest clothes, with the emphasis on rich colours and fabrics, and while these outfits may not look entirely authentic, it's a good mix of current trends and the Rajasthani style which the designers for this film tried to stick to.

Another colour combination which I liked was, surprisingly, this yellow and orange combination. Apart from the fact that it would make a lovely mehndi outfit for someone, it's a very flattering colour combination on Asian skin and again, relies on the cut of the dress and the colours to make a pretty statement. The jewellery here is also very pretty, not too overstated to crowd the face and compliments the outfit well.

Another outfit which I noticed was this turquoise and orange mix, which is a colour combination that I've seen quite a few times (such as bridal outfits) and which looks quite pretty together. These two colours are rich, yet 'rusty' colours which compliment each other and the skin tone, and again, it's not difficult to see how the print of the dress and the panels make the dress what it is. Although I wouldn't personally go for these colours, I've seen some very nice examples of these two colours together, and here, it seems to work.

Even more traditional looking than the above outfits are these dresses, which uses traditional looking jewellery such as the 'borla tikka' and the thick metal bangles. I've seen similar styles to this pink one that Karishma is wearing, and again, it seems to try to stick to the Rajasthani theme quite well. I think I'd like to see a fuller picture of this outfit, but I imagine it's a lengha which uses the duppata to drape across the front as well for modesty. Although I prefer Karishma with her hair looking looser for a more softer look, the look here has a lot more details to look at and uses dull colours with the pink fairly well.

Also in a similar style is this navy embroidered outfit below, which uses a similar type of jewellery style but with a very different colour effect. I think the jewellery in this case fits the intended style very well, although the look slightly ages Karishma a little.

All images taken from scenes of Dangerous Ishhq and belong to respective directors/producers

I think there's a good mix of bright colours and variations here, and the costumes of this movie promise to be something interesting to see. I like the fact that Karishma is trying an under-used style here, especially as the Rajasthani look was something that was often seen in Bollywood in the 90s but it not so much the same in today's films, and I also like the fact that a lot of these outfits are wearable - modest, pretty and feminine. I'm pretty sure these styles would be very easy to find and probably not very expensive as they're not heavily embellished either. If anyone does see something like this in today's shops or catwalk, do point them out to me!

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