Tuesday, 13 September 2011

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Kangana's Vivacious Look in Tanu Weds Manu

Kangana's role as Tanu in Tanu Weds Manu is a girl after my own heart - loud, rumbunctious and full of likeable energy. She swears like a sailor, gets drunk at her best friend's mehndi and certainly does not shy away from fighting her admirers. And of course to go with her colourful personality if her colourful wardrobe, which varies in style, colours and accessories.

First this is vibrant yellow kameez top with harlequin-coloured baggy trousers, which caught my eye. I love the ring she is wearing with this outfit, and the swinging yellow tassell is a nice touch for the trouser bottoms:

Next is the embellished pink and blue outfit she wears for her friend's wedding, which I liked. It's a pretty traditional looking salwar-kameez outfit, and I LOVE how the bangles have been matched to it:

I also really like the lovely green outfit that she wears for her best friend's mehndi night, which is a really flattering colour on her. I also like how the outfit is so beautifully accessorized with her traditional looking jewellery, adding a touch of the classic to it:

There is also this lovely baby pink and bright blue outfit, simple in its design yet another flattering colour on Kangana:

 Also similar to this outfit is Tanu's purple and teal coloured kameez suit, which also is a lovely colour combination:

 I also love how Kangana's character throws together a western style with her asian style, and creates her own funky look. The mirrored top with a shirt on top of a skirt should looks weird togther, yet here, I think it's an interesting look which works:

And of course her character is not restricted to her fitted kameezes, as she also looks lovely in saris too:

I also thought this outfit was worth a mention due to its pure funkyness, I like the whole look with the mirrored belt added :

One of my favourite outfits in this film is this beautifully bright blue outfit, with its printed style churidar, in a slightly retro style - I love the shade of blue and the fitted style of the kameez:

 And lastly comes the outfit which comes with the whole purpose of the film's title, the actual wedding dress, which veers away from the usual red and instead goes for a bright green with vivid red lipstick and dripping jewellery:

All images are from Tanu Weds Manu and are owned by respective producers/directors
All in all there are some very lovely, bright outfits here, coupled with a range of make-up styles and jewellery to acccessorise Kangana's look. This is one role which the actress has really has made her own, and has changed her own cool, aloof presentation into something a lot more lively and bubbly. Tanu is a very loveable character in this film, and it is only suitable that her outfits are as colourful as she is.

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