Monday, 26 September 2011

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Katrina's Mughal Look and Sequin Glamour in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is a quirky, fun film set against the beautiful backdrop of the Taj Mahal and millions of fairy lights, and of course there are bound to be some lovely outfits. One such outfit from this film which I liked the most is this red Mughal-style dress and head-wear worn by Katrina. This outfit really stands out because of the amount of detail which went into it to complement Imran Khan's outfit, right down to the little feather in her hat. I am generally a fan of the Mughal period and I think the outfit is done well here, especially as the deisgners opted for a long anarkali style dress rather than mixing the style with a lengha or sari. I also like how Katrina's hair and make is kept quite simple rather than overdone, leaving the emphasis on the jewellery and the outfit.

Another outfit worth noticing in this film is this red sari, which is a lovely red colour (I was especially glad they gave Katrina a half-decent blouse instead of something resembling a bra!). One thing I noted with these kind of is how they prominently use sequins to create a shimmering effect, so that while the outfit has little other work, it still looks glamorous without being heavy. I liked this red sari because it was such a lovely crimson red colour and was a nice fit on Katrina.

Similarly, this white outfit is also resplendent with sequins, although I think it could have been toned down a little by reducing some of the sequins used. I did like the mix of colours in off-white with hot pink though, giving it a very feminine look.

And lastly is the wedding dress of the 'dulhan' of this film herself, which is a champagney-gold and cream affair, and again, not too overdone. I also like how they use multi-coloured, cheap bangles to accessorise (to symbolise the character's earlier, rock-chick days) which is a nice touch.

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Some pretty outfits to suit Katrina's colouring, although my favourite is definitely still the Mughal piece she wears :)

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