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Peacock themes have been in vogue in the fashion scene for the last few years, and still seems as popular today as ever. This motif has been incorporated into numerous aspects of the asian fashion scene; the outfits, hair accessories, jewellery and of course, peacock-themed weddings. And of course, there is no shortage of inspiration, both on the catwalk and the high street - and there are hundreds of examples in the online world to take inspiration from. Peacock designs are readily available to create and emulate everywhere (such as this peacock hair clip below) which can be styled to match your kameezes, or even incorporated into wedding events and features.
 A quick look on the asian fashion and bridal scene will show you the same - that there are so many places it can be used. I have seen peacock wedding invites, button holes and mehndi designs number among the hundreds of ways to use the peacock motif, and I love the way it really brings out the creativity in so many peoples - and there are plenty of inspiration mood boards, galleries and ideas everywhere to be found.

Take this sari from popular Indian designers Meena Bazaar for example, it has cleverly incorporated a peacock designs which looks beautifully elegant, and is ideal for almost any special occaison. I love the amount of detail which has gone into the sari here, and the fact that the designers have not limited themselves to the simple blue-and-green colours.

Taken from Asiana Magazine, Autumn 2011 edition

And there are also different ways to interpret the peacock motif - in cakes for example, such as below:

Image source here and here

Not to mention various wedding bouquets:

Image source here and here

And of course, hundreds of mehndi designs...

Image source

The peacock motif is a beautiful one, and it's easy to integrate this design into the asian fashion scene (as well as the non-asian!) - be it with via the peacock design, its beautiful jewel colours or even it's feathers. Of course, it is easy to get carried away and add a peacock theme to everything - but I would advise that you add some dull golds, silvers or bronzes to tone down the look, or just add peacock touches to your outfits for a simpler look.
Has anyone had a peacock themed outfit or event? What ideas have you had?

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