Thursday, 1 September 2011

BRIDE COUTURE: Maria B's Nikah Outfit

Pakistani fashion designer Maria B got married a couple of months ago in a simple nikah ceremony, in which she looked absolutely beautiful wearing a sparkling light blue outfit accessorized with beautiful emerald-stoned jewellery. What I love most about this bride is that she managed to look so elegant and glowing for her wedding, in colours which complimented her colouring completely. I assume the outfit was made by the designer herself, and indeed it is beautiful, the bodice and top piece of the dress looks almost like delicate lace, with the rich navy and purple border adding a bolder splash of brief colour to complete the look. I also love the make-up style done for her; while the eyes are sultry and smokey, the rest of Maria B's face was done in a fresh, feminine pink which highlights her big eyes and flawless, fair colouring. Accessorised with silver and emerald jewellery, and some funky heels, Maria B shows how a bride doesn't need to be overloaded with detail for her big day.

Highlights of the wedding can be seen here, with more pictures of the ceremony here. A lovely sparkling bride and a beautiful outfit, Maria B dressed in a style which she has really made her own. The make-up was done by Lahore-based make-up artist Mariam Khawaja, who I thought did an excellent job. What did you think of her outfit?

Photography by Guddu Shani


  1. OMG! She looks stunning. Love the velvet border at the bottom. Beautiful contrast with the sheerness of the rest of the fabric. Unusual colour combo that looks so pretty.

  2. I just love that it's so sparkly!