Tuesday, 6 September 2011

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Dia Mirza's Beautiful Photoshoot Tribute to Meena Kumari

I came across these breathtaking pictures in a photoshoot which the lovely Dia Mirza did for Harper's Bazaar magazine, imitating the beauty and style of Meena Kumari at her peak. Although not first person who may come to mind when imitating Meena Kumari's classic style, Dia Mirza does perfect justice to it, depicting the elegance, beautiful grace and photogenic poise of the film actress, showing a rare old-style star glamour. The stylists, costume makers and photographers of this shoot got the whole look spot on, and I love every shot - you can see the amount of effort which went into each image. The detail for every picture in make-up, jewellery and outfit is breathtaking, with each pose caught in a lovely light.

When compared side by side to Meena Kumari's original pictures in her roles, the similarity is even more striking. Although both are styles and outfits for each picture come very close to being almost identical, I do think that each actress holds her own style, yet each complement the other perfectly.

A very beautiful photoshoot, with some equally gorgeous outfits. Diya Mirza captures the old style magic well, with some very enviable outfits and accessories.


  1. Two of my fave actresses and one of my fave films, Meena Kumari is still in a league of her own though.