Wednesday, 7 March 2012

MAKE-UP REVIEW: Lip Tints by Lush

I love the yummy, soapy smell of Lush products, especially when you can smell it from down the road before you've even walked up to the shop. Also, I love the natural-products only ethics that Lush has, (the delicious chunks of soap always grabs me too though).

On my last visit to Lush, I came across the fairly new make-up and face product collections which they are starting to release (I really liked the look of these colour supplements!), and there were quite a few interesting other products which caught my eye.

Image from Lush website

I decided to try out a lip tint that was a different colour (for me!), rather than going for the usual pink-ish types of colours. After much testing and dabbing (and wiping), I picked Latte, which was a slightly shimmer, bronzey-pink shade, which I though would be a different look for me. The tub itself is quite small, but there's quite a lot of lip tint in there, which comes off in a satisfyingly creamy way. Here's the lip tint I bought in the Latte shade:

Overall the lip tint colour was quite pretty, although it did look a little shimmery than something you can wear on a normal day (i.e. something you may wear to dress up, more than something for work!). Although the colour of the tint was a lot lighter and more sheer than the images above, the shimmer still showed a little, and can be applied more heavily for a more pigmented look. I do like this colour, although I'm still in two minds about how well it suits me. The colour itself is a mix of corally-pink and bronzey-ness, which looks very pretty but not sure whether others will think the same as I do.

I love the fact that Lush are branching out their products to make-up products and skin products, it seems the natural step to do so, and it looks like the products are getting good reviews so far. The only let-down about some of their make-up/face products is that because of the natural ingredients used, a lot of their items have a use-by expiry date on them, usually around a year.

Having said that, the lip-tint itself seems good for a few years as it looks like it will last a while. Next time you go to Lush,  have a good browse around their colours, I'm still being intrigued by names (and colours) of the other lip tints, like 'Chilli Tingle' and 'Double Choc'! As expected, all of the lip tints smell of whatever the names are (mine gave off a strong coffee smell which may not appeal to all!), so have a good sniff too!

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