Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Blue Glass Trinket Boxes

Thought I'd take some inspiration from my other blog today (the 'arty-farty' one, as my sisters call it), and post about some of the pretty things I've come across over the last few months (so apologies if you've already seen this post!)

I love trinket boxes, jewellery caskets, pill boxes and glass jars of all kinds , so I couldn’t resist when I saw these translucent, dreamy blue glass trinket boxes (and one mauve one!). The poet in me thinks of water-like  jewels and intricate filagree dull silver, which promise to hold your secrets (and your diamonds) and offer possibilities with their petite bodies. So of course I had to buy them, and I got one for each of  my sisters and sister-in-law (and one for myself of course). I’m sure if you were to look at their contents now, each glass bauble would hold something very different from the last.

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