Wednesday, 21 March 2012

MAKE-UP REVIEW: Sleek's Pout Paints

I've recently discovered lip paints by drugstore brand Sleek, usually found in Superdrugs, which does a whole range of colours in these 'Pout Paints'. Some of them were a bit too adventurous for me (blue or lilac just wouldn't suit me I suppose!), but I was interested in the pinkier shades, which looked quite pretty.

Here's the colours I ended up buying, a mid pinky-brown shade, and a deeper, fuchsia pink which appealed to me because it looked like a flattering colour, which would suit Asian skin pretty well. Although the tubes are not very big, there's not much that is needed per application (the tube says that you only need one or two drops on your lip brush).

I tested out both colours, they were fairly easy to apply and came out quite rich in colour and fluid to apply. What I also liked, incidentally, was the yummy smell that came with it, which reminded me of sweets. But that's less to do with how practical the lip paints actually are! Here's how the colours came out, they both looked pretty much the same as they do in the tube. I really don't like how some make-up products can be a bit misleading in colour, especially since I'm the type to test out colours at make-up counters or in the stores, and sometimes packaging for makeup doesn't always reflect it's true colour.

The Pout Paints pretty much only needed a couple of drops on a lip brush to apply to the whole lip area, and it's fairly even when applied. I mainly bought these because they are long-lasting, and don't come off easily, which is practical for me as I don't always have time to keep re-applying lipsticks during the day. Also, because I tend to drink a lot of water during the day, this is quite useful as it doesn't come off easily once applied.

I also love the fact that this is, after all, paint - meaning you can mix the colours to make different shades. I've seen in a few reviews of this product how some bloggers have used the cooler colours like blue or white to neutralise the pinkier shades to suit their skin tone, and it seemed to work for them! Here's one shade I managed to mix up with the light and darker pink I have, not sure I'd wear it as it's slightly too 'bubble-gum pink' for me, but I do love the concept of making new colours!

 Overall, I think this is a useful product because of the long-lasting factor of it, it seems to withstand wear from food and water, and it's very easy to apply. The price is pretty good, and although it's not a big tube, there's a lot of lip paint in the tube, so gives a lot of wear. I've heard good things about it overall, although I don't know anyone personally who has tried it, as I'm not sure it's their kind of thing. What I would say is that the colours are not all entirely practical, and some of them may be too bright or dramatic for some people - certainly I wouldn't wear the darker pink shade every day as it's too dark for my liking, and I tend to stick to natural, pinky colours. My verdict: a nice product to try, and great if you're looking for something bright and funky that lasts all day, although maybe not for a glamorous look!

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