Thursday, 15 March 2012

Aamina Sheikh and Ayyan Ali model for L'Oreal Photoshoot

I came across this photoshoot done for the make-up brand L'Oreal, by prominent Pakistani models Aamina Sheikh and Ayyan Ali recently, and thought it was an interesting shoot in terms of trying out various colours and looks on the models. Although not all the looks were practical (such as the luminous and glittery eyeshadowed look!), it's still an interesting way to use colour and make-up, and both models look beautiful.

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I'm not sure all of these looks appeal to me, simply because some of them are a little dramatic or unpractical to use in everyday make up. I do like the use of jewellery and accessory though, and the use of colour in these images are certainly something which are well put together. I love the fact that well-known brands such as L'Oreal are using models from Pakistan to promote their brand, and certainly I am seeing more and more ambassadors from the East in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh being used more often to promote brands like this. In this case, I think Aamna Sheikh and Ayyan Ali both look beautiful and elegant - while I wouldn't exactly copy their looks, I still think it's an interesting range of looks and certainly quite dramatic. What did you think of this photoshoot?

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