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PFW 19 - Pakistan Fashion Week London 2019

I was lucky enough to attend Pakistan Fashion Week London 19 a few weeks ago, and managed to see a few of the latest collections from upcoming designers as well as a few of the established Pakistani labels. Some of the outfits were stunning and it was a pleasure to see the designs up close.

I wasn't able to stay for the whole show, but luckily I've managed to get a few photographs from the official photographer of the show, Shahid Malik, so see below for your viewing pleasure...!

Adil Ali
This was a fairly colourful collection, using a traditional rich palette of reds, greens, gold and royal blue for the outfits. I have to be honest, I was a little underwhelmed with these, as I nothing stood out for me, although the blue drape dress was quite stylish.

Agha Noor
This was a pretty yellow and orange collection (which reminded me of marigold flowers) and I though this was a really nice summer collection which was light and simple. I'm lucky enough to have an Agha Noor store not too far from me so will definitely check these out when they come in!

This was a collection which reminded me of the vintage, old era style outfits - big ghararas, short kameezes, shawls mixed with dupattas. I did like some of these but personally couldn't see myself wearing any of them, and also though the cream/nude designs were nicer than the other ones.

Ayesha Imran
I've seen this designer's collections from previous shows, and this one was very similar - very bridal focussed, with heavy work, rich reds, rusts and creams and a full on look. I didn't really love the bridals as the designs didn't stand out for me, but I did like their formals - although they may be a little heavy for some wedding guests!

Diva by Sana Rashid
I loved the concept of this collection - pastel, florals and flowers in baskets. I have to say, I much preferred the formal kameez pieces as they looked sleeker and more flattering, over the skirts and maxi dresses which looked a little fussy.

Fatima Saifuddin
This is a new designer, and I liked that she had a range of styles - maxi dresses, lenghas, jackets and jumpsuits. The collection is less about heavy work and more about rich fabrics, rich colours and flowy designs, which I quite liked. I can also see myself in the jacket below (or the purple dress) and love that the material and the cut of the outfits look quite flattering.

Gogi by Hassan Riaz
I had a quick look at this designer's collection at the exhibition before the show, and I liked the interesting cuts and work on his designs. Some of the pieces are a little too adventurous for me, but I do like how creative some of these are!

Haris Shakeel
This is a designer who has been around for some time, and I remember liking some of the bridals he has made a few years back. I do like the collection below, but I feel like he played it safe a little - the cuts and colours are quire traditional. Having said that, I love the yellow dress and would love to pull something like that off!

Komal Nasir
This is a collection which focussed mainly on shawls - which was a very colourful, rich collection. I love beautiful shawls and these were seriously pretty, and I like how this collection highlights that you can have a simple outfit and dress it up with a worked shawl.

LGBTQI Segment Designer Fahad Hussayn
This was a unique part of the show, and a first for a Pakistani fashion show - a catwalk collection by Fahad Hussayn modelled entirely by LGBT and transgender models. I thought these were pretty funky, and really colourful, which suits the models quite well!

One thing I don't see enough in Pakistani fashion shows is sarees, and this was a collection which was only sarees. I thought the floral prints were nicer than the heavier ones, although that's probably because I prefer a good floral saree!

Purple Haze by Rubina Azmat
I thought this was a decent collection of formals, I really liked some of the cape ideas and can imagine them being quite popular for Eid or weddings. It also mixed rich fabrics wells with the work so it doesn't feel overloaded.

Rana Noman
This collection focussed on golds, creams and whites and was all about opulent bridals and rich work. I did like these but a couple of the designs looked similar to each other - but I can imagine these would look great for a nikkah event or a reception.

Sanam Boutique
This collection didn't appeal to me at all, the bridal's were not anything amazing at all and the formals were ok but not that creative. I don't think this is a collection which I would look at if I went to the store, as there's probably other designers who would appeal to me more.

Sonia Mahajan
I liked this collection, it was colouful and pretty and  thought some of these would make really nice mehndi bridal or formal outfits. I also liked that there is a good mix of flowy dresses and skirts with rich kaam and art work on shawls, which looks feminine and flattering.

Voile by Sabeen Arshad
This was a collection I liked, the colours were pretty, the cuts were flowy and modest and I thought they were quite wearable. This is another designer whose pieces I managed to check out at the exhibition, and the work up close looked pretty beautiful

Wajahat Sharoz
This collection was quite a subtle but glitzy one, using subtle colours for a rich pieces. Their bridals were a little simple for my taste, but I liked their formals which had a nice luxurious feel to them.

I think out of all of the collections in the show, this one had the most which had pieces that were wearable and would be easy to look for online. I can't imagine these are very expensive, and I liked the colour palattes used - perfect Eid inspo!

Zarsha by Ahsan Waris
I thought this was an intersting collection - it had that old style Mughal glamour to it but I thought osme of the pieces looked quite nice. I liked how flow and dressy some of the cuts were, and they would make great pieces for a wedding.

Zoe by Zoha Khan
This is another collection which I didn't think was that great - the pieces look slightly generic and I can't imagine that there would be slightly better versions of these elsewhere, although the cream gharara was quite pretty and would look nice for a summer wedding.

What did you think of these collection? Which one was your favourite?

Show Produced & Directed by Adnan Ansari  
Choreography by Hira Shah 
Styled by Saima Kiran 
Choreography Hira Shah  
Model coordination by Muneer Muhammad   
Photography by Shahid Malik @iamshahidmalik 
Media partners ARY 
Brand Director Hajra Lalljee 
PR Enigme International

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