Tuesday, 19 August 2014

BRIDE COUTURE: Ayeza Khan's and Danish Taimoor's Beautiful Big Pakistani Wedding

As usual, I won't make my excuses about being busy (although I swear I really am!), I can't wait for the wedding times so it's time to enjoy and less of the prepping/stressing!

To start us off this week, I thought I'd do a quick post about Pakistani model and actress Ayeza Khan who got married to fellow model/actor Danish Taimoor only a few days ago. I'll admit, I don't know a huge amount about her, I only really recognised her from one of the (many) Pakistani dramas my mum watches.

While the events were very Pakistani in style, colours and flamboyance, I thought it was nice to see even a Pakistani celebrity enjoy a good long-winded wedding (I assume the valima/reception is yet to happen though!) and thought this made nice eye candy - something to prepare you before I get to post my own pictures!

Nikah -  Ayeza wore a pretty, white outfit with a dupatta that had kiran (that tinsley stuff our mums had in the 80s). Kiran is coming back in and I love that it adds a nice touch to a simple outfit.

Mayun (a pre-wedding, similar to mehndi function, where you put bangles/flowers on the bride and other stuff) - again, the bride wore a really sweet, simple outfit - a printed dupatta with white dots (Apparently they are called chunri, which is what I've always heard them be called)!in a vibrant hot pink, lime, yellow and orange.

Mehndi - the official mehndi was a bit more a grand affair, Ayeza wore a beautiful lengha choli in vibrant colours, although my favourite bit was the border on her dupatta. I'm not a fan of rainbow-style clothes, but on this dupatta it works because its a small border.

Wedding - Ayeza got her make up done by the wonderful Natasha Salon in Pakistan, I've tried to search for who the dress designer was but can't find it, but it was fairly traditional in colour and looked pretty on. I've also seen a lot of brides wear the sheer red veils for their bridal entrances or their nikah, which I think is a sweet touch.


As I'm sure you can see Ayeza and Danish had a beautiful wedding, there's probably hundreds more photographs out there but it looks like they had a nice experience, and it's nice to see a beautiful couple!