Monday, 4 August 2014

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Chand Bali Earrings by NK Collections

I've seen a trend of pearl earrings and chand bali earrings (round earrings like half moons) lately, which I love because they come in so many colours, styles and variations, and I think they make beautiful signature pieces. I love beautiful jewellery, particularly well-made ones, and it's not always easy to find good quality piece in the hundreds of shops that sell cheaper jewellery.

These style of earrings really caught my fancy, and I've been hankering after a pair to wear to all the upcoming mehndi nights and dholkis that I'll be attending (well, the all-girls ones where I won't wear my hijab!), although I hadn't seen any ones that aren't too heavy.

I saw these beautiful chand bali earrings by NK Collections around Eid time, which is a company which carries beautiful kundan,  precious stone and pearl jewellery, which really appealed to me because of their classic Pakistani and Indian styles. Their bridal sets and party wear are beautiful, and I spent a while drooling over their beautiful pieces, although some of them were a little heavy for me. There were several things I wanted to buy from them (not least some beautiful giant rings, one which had a mother of pearl inlay in the middle which was beautiful), but I think I will go back and buy them another day.

These earrings came in antique gold and silver, and cost me only £18.00 after the 10% discount for Eid, which I thought was pretty reasonable. I also briefly spoke to Nusayba Khan, who owns the company and found her really helpful and friendly, and am thinking of going back to look at bridal jewellery once my bridal outfits arrive, especially as this is one of the few places in London where I have been quite impressed with the beautiful jewellery.

I'll be sure to post about any jewellery I do end up buying, especially as the designs there are slightly cheaper than similar outlets selling this type of jewellery, but in the meantime you can also check out their Facebook page and their Instagram account. The jewellery is also available to see in store at Ruby's House of Design in Ilford (otherwise you can always contact her online to order pieces!)

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