Thursday, 31 July 2014

My Eid...!

Eid was an lovely, small affair for us, but no more fun than the usual Eids, filled with family going in and out of each other's houses and eating plenty of food to complete the day!

This is what I wore, which was a very last-minute purchase from a local store called Maria's Collection, which carry a range of non-branded formal and semi-formal outfits. I initially wanted something with a shorter hem, but couldn't find anything I liked, and ended up seeing this one and thought it looked pretty so bought it. My mum and sisters thought that it looked a little Kashmiri in style, and also a little Turkish in the style of embroidered jackets, which I thought made a change from the usual blingy outfits I wear. The outfit was a jacket style gown with a plain kameez underneath, very light and comfy to wear with colourful embroidery. Here's how I wore it:

I also managed to wear the Red Velvet shade of the Lime Crime liquid lipstick, which I was happy with because the colour was beautifully vivid and lasted the whole day! I wanted to match my shoes to my lips to make them stand out more, and was happy with the effect.

I also dressed up for the second day of Eid, although this was a lot more relaxed and comfortable, particularly as it was a warm day! I wore an Agha Noor kurta in hot pink and black, which didn't come with any bottoms so I took a hot pink churidar from another of my outfits and wore it with that instead. The kurta is a lovely silky material and was perfect for a summer's day, as well as not feeling too dressy (although I changed my shoes to flats by the end of the day because I couldn't be bothered to wear heels and would have preferred sandals!)


I wasn't the only one who dressed up though - the little babies of the family were wandering around like little princesses, and my sisters and sister-in-law looked very chic in their outfits (I only managed to capture two of them, the other ones wouldn't stand still long enough!). Here's just some of the pretty dresses, my sisters looked lovely but it was the babies who stole the show!

I didn't manage to get time to put mehndi on, but some of the girls in the family did. I had wanted to go out to on Chand Raat the night before to either buy some mehndi and bangles or get some mehndi put on, but after seeing the huge number of people on the main road and hearing the dhol players, I changed my mind!

My sister also baked us some pretty pink Eid cupcakes to enjoy, which tasted scrumptious after all the yummy food my mum made.

I completely forgot to take pictures of the food because I was too busy eating it, so I don't have a lot of other pictures from my Eid (apart from chasing toddlers around and making people pose), but it was a really fun day. We had dinner at my sister's and a barbecue at my Aunt's house which was a nice opportunity to spend the day with family too.

How did you spend your Eid? And what did you wear?

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