Sunday, 18 May 2014

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: The Indigo RDC Anarkali

I recently wore this lovely anarkali to a wedding, which I was pleased about as I haven't had much opportunity to wear it, and also because it's such an easy outfit to wear. This long anarkali was from RDC London, which was fairly classical in design, and also different to the usual chiffon and silky materials that a lot of my outfits are made from, as this was made from a thicker self-printed silk, almost like a jamawar material.

(My sister and I have an on-going argument about whether this outfit is blue or purple, I'm certain it's blue, and she insists it's purple, so I'll just class it as indigo to make my life easier!)

This is how I accessorised it, I was running late while I was getting ready for the wedding so didn't really get a chance to be over-imaginative with accessories, so decided to keep it simple with matching bangles and a tikka to wear with my hijab. I also picked an icy-blue silk scarf to complement the dress, and navy heels and clutch.

And this is me wearing it (I apologise for the shameless selfies, they get worse and worse don't they?) - I think the photographs don't really show the flow and volume of this dress, but it was really a comfortable outfit which felt really easy to wear.

Outfit - RDC London
Clutch - New Look
Shoes - Kurt Geiger
Bangles - various shops in Green Street
Tikka - (part of set) Shringaar, Green Street
I don't often match all of my accessories/scarves/whatnot together with my outfit, but I like the look here, and I love deep colours like dark blues (or indigo!), because I find them easy to wear and flattering on my skin tone. I also like the fact that this outfit feels quite classic - it's a long style dress which fits with today's trends, but simple enought to keep wearing over the next few years.

I also loved the fact that it's hijab friendly - the sleeves weren't sheer and the dress wasn't overly-fitted, and it was an A-line shape it flowed outwards rather than being too clingy. I also really like the fact that the churidar peeps out at the bottom so gives an elegant peek of the ankles!


  1. So pretty!! Its a beautiful kameez! And those navy heels are so gorgeous. Just wondering what your thoughts are on styling the dupatta as hijab? Do you usually wear a scarf and carry the dupatta separately?

    1. Thank you Pri! (and yes, they're my favourite heels!)
      I used to wear my dupatta as a hijab before, but found the material slightly fussy sometimes. The last few years I've worn a separate dupatta with my scarf because I find it a lot more of an elegant look, and because it allows me to mix colours a little with the hijab as well!
      Having said that, dupattas with pretty borders look great when you wear them as hijab, especially if you style the border so that they stand out and add an 'accessorised' look!
      These days I mix and match, although usually I wear a separate scarf that sits properly and usually wear hijab pins or jewellery :)

    2. Hmm...yes I know that feeling of slippery dupattas! Thanks for replying...i dont wear hijab full time tbh,and shallow as it may sound,i worry how to style salwar kameezes when I do :-/ Well,thats not the only reason of course, but just wanted to know how others do it :-)

  2. Mashallah you look lovely :)