Friday, 9 May 2014

DESIGNER MOOD: Floral Fever by Zehra Saleem

I recently came across this designer and thought I'd share, particularly because I love the way that she incorporates westernised cuts into Pakistani fashion, as well as the beautiful floral motifs and glitz which are used. Zehra Saleem is a Pakistani designer who has some really pretty pieces that can be dressed up or worn in a more subtle way, and which I think look beautiful because of the feminine feel to them. I love the soft colours in creams and pinks, the intricate designs and in particular, the flowy dresses, which look really flattering and also seem to focus on big floral motifs like giant roses.

Here's some the designer's pieces from some of her photoshoots, which have an English-rose, vintage feel to them that I like, and which I think would appeal to a lot of people's tastes - my favourite is the last one which would make a really pretty mehndi outfit.

I recently messaged the designer's group to ask for a few prices, and happily enough they responded very quickly, which I think is a good sign if you're looking to purchase fromt hem. The prices were slightly higher than I was looking to spend, but I would definitely recommend a browse of their outfits, especially as they seem very wearable.

Another alternative to messaging the group directly is to buy from this site here, which sells the outfits as ready-made pieces in fixed sizes, where you can also see the prices as well. I can't give any recommendations for this site as I haven't used it before, but it's a good place to look at prices and also see the actual outfits in detail.

The designer herself is often spotted wearing her own designs, which I think is a good way to promote them (especially as she can carry them off so well!) I also like the fact that she hasn't restricted herself to maxi dresses and has mixed these with shorter kameezes as well.

All images taken from Zehra Saleem Facebook page

I'll be following Zehra Saleem's designs for a while to see what else she comes out with, but so far I'm really liking some of her more simpler designs which look beautiful. What do you think of her designs - would you wear them?


  1. Funny you mention this designer, she's holding a launch event just outside Manchester for her collection tomorrow! I found out about it at really late notice, and had something else planned so I won't be going, but I imagine her collection will be very popular with the fashionable asian ladies in the North West :)

    1. It's interesting you just said that, because as soon as I posted about this I read that her collection was being released inteh UK! I would have love to seen it in the stores, but never mind, maybe one day her stuff may reach London!

  2. Really beautiful dresses, I love the embroidery on these.