Thursday, 29 May 2014

LOVELY HIJAB: Dian Pelangi's “Royal Kingdom of Indonesia” at Indonesia Fahion Week 2014

I followed Indonesian Fashion Week 2014 back in February, and meant to post about some of their beautiful designs, but forgot at the time. One of the designers whose work I really fell in love with is designer Dian Pelangi, and her collection called the 'Royal Kingdom of Indonesia', with luxurious, deep colours and beautiful, rich work (not to mention extravagant head pieces and hijab styling!)

Dian Pelangi is a beautiful woman with an amazing dress sense, and styles together her pieces in a way which I really love - particularly because it's so hijab friendly, and also because of the rich, extravagant pieces she designs which really appeal to my inner (and outer) diva. I've been following her blog for some time (and her Instagram!) and am struck by her sense of adventure when it comes to styling her clothes and her hijab - in a way that doesn't feel like a compromise with her modesty.

This collection particularly stuck with me because of how beautiful and rich it all is - I thought it would make great inspiration for a bride looking for something different, particularly a hijabi-bride to be. I have a few Turkish, Moroccan and Arab friends whose bridal outfits are somewhat different to the Desi world, and it's lovely to see how they interpret bridal fashion - whether it is with hijab or not. I also have Pakistani, Bengali and Indian friends who chose to wear their hijabs on their wedding day as well, and styled it beautifully with jewels or accessories, and it's great to see that this niche is expanding so that that brides who choose to wear hijab have a bigger range of ideas and styles to choose from.

Although I don't think anyone would quite go for those huge gold crowns on their wedding day, unless they were really adventurous!

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  1. Its actually customary with Indonesian brides to wear such crowns, ive witnessed wedding there where these are the norm :)

    It was also a trend in Pakistan to wear gold tiara/crown type things in the 60s/70s I have photos of my mother in law wearing one on her big day!

    1. That makes sense, I've been to Morroccan weddings where this is the same as well, either crowns or tiaras!

      Also, I did not know that about the crown thing in Pakistan! Your MIL must have looked awesome! Must ask my mum about these now... :)

  2. Lovely, I love some of the jackets with these outfits.