Sunday, 1 December 2013

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: The F&A Peacock Dress

This is an outfit I bought in the summer from Pakistani label F&A (by designers Farhan & Ambreen), which I wore to a close family friend's mehndi. I haven't heard of this label before, truthfully, but I loved it because of the beautiful peacock-style colours, the full skirt of it and fact that it's very hijab friendly.

This is the outfit I wore, which has a lot of kaliyan (or pleats), so this added a lot of volume of the dress and gave it a pretty A-line shape. There is some work on the dress but it's not heavy, especially as most of it is gota-work, embroidery and bead work, so it kept the dress pretty light and swishy. My favourite things about this dress, though, are the range of blues and greens, which are very peacock-y.

The outfit is a variation of this one below by F&A, although it has slightly more work on the front, and it's also worn differently by the model (for example she's wearing leggings and has a sleeveless look) so it looks slightly different to the look I ended up with.

Here is what I accessorised it with (although it feels like I overloaded with more than I did!), I went for a fairly traditional gold and green look with the jewellery and clutch and then went a bit crazy with mixing all of my various blue and green bangles together. Normally I don't like matching everything to my outfit too much, but I think the green and gold jewellery picked out the shades of the dress nicely.

This is me wearing the dress at the mehndi, which flowed pretty nicely to my ankles. The dress was slightly loose for me, which I didn't mind much because I tend to keep my dresses slightly looser anyway, and it had the added effect of making the dress more flowy.

Outfit - F&A
Clutch - Indian Hanger
Shoes - Faith
Ring - Feroza
Jhoomar (used for hijab) - Green Street
Bangles - all over the place!

I got a lot of compliments with this dress, and it certainly felt very easy to wear and accessorise. I think this is a perfect outfit for a mehndi, (it's great to dance in if you wanted to as well!) and it's certainly quite hijab-friendly too. I've been looking at more F&A designs since I bought this one, especially because I'm really liking their use of colour. What do you think of this outfit?


  1. Looks beautiful, I like how you accessorized it.

    1. Thank you, I love these shades of green and blue and found it easy to accessorise :)

  2. Just Goregous! Your best assemble yet! Love it!

    1. Thank you very much! I had a lot of fun wearing it too!