Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Curly Fry's Shopping Therapy! Mirror Boxes

This is something I bought recently from a lovely store called Gift & Favours selling crafts, ornaments and pretty trinkets. I saw these mirror-and-bead embellished boxes and fell in love with the bright colours and sparkly mirrors, and decided I wanted them (there was also a box in electric blue which I wanted to complete the set, but unfortunately the shop-owner couldn't find the lid so I had to go home without buying that one).

I'm always on look out for pretty storage boxes which are a decent size (I like the pretty dinky small ones that you can get, but they don't usually fit much more than a few buttons!) and these were perfect, big enough to store all of my rings in without being too chunky, and also pretty air-tight.

I know this style of design is not new - I've had plenty of notebooks, pens, compact mirrors and pill-boxes with this same design since I was a child, but there was something very appealing about these boxes which reminded me of the presents I used to get from family in Pakistan or friends who have been on holidays.

I'm still waiting for the shop-owner to find the blue lid for the blue box, but chances are it's probably lost!

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