Monday, 25 November 2013

FEROZA POST: Sparkly Oceanic Bracelets

Introducing our new bracelets at my sisters' and my online store Feroza, which are in beautiful, rich shades of greens and blue. I love the oceanic feel to these bracelets, they feel nice and heavy to wear (not too heavy don't worry!) and they are very, very sparkly. Here's a look at them here:

We have these bracelets in a royal blue, spring green and pretty tela colour, which would look great on their own or matched up together - and best of all, they go with both Asian outfits and a western wardrobe (and also match some of our pretty scarves too!)

We've been getting some good feedback so far, but are always looking for more ideas of what YOU would like to see at Feroza - do let us know!


  1. would you consider selling arabic calligraphy jewellery?

    mash allah - you and your sisters have fabulous style! you ladies should look into being profiled in brother langston hues and his fabulous international project called "modest streetstyle" , as london is also on his list of destinations. :)

    1. We definitely would look at arabic calligraphy jewellery if we found some good pieces, we love things which aren't everywhere in the market so definitely a good idea!

      Thank you, and will defo check out the website! x

  2. Lovely! You could also consider pretty home accessories and prayer rugs...Im always on the look out for these. And more kundan bangles! Please bring back the original ones which got sold out! :-)

    1. We're always on the look out for some good-quality, beautiful bangles, so we will replace them soon! I'm not sure we can get the original ones but will update if we do!

      Good idea about the home accessories, we already have tasbihs which are popular, and we are currently looking at adding more products in this range.

      Thanks for the feedback! x