Saturday, 2 November 2013

MEHNDI NIGHTS: A Rainbow Mehndi Marquee

I went to a friend's mehndi night a while ago (which was great fun, by the way!) although for me the fun started as soon as we walked into the marquee, because it was so beautifully and colourfully decorated. I've seen the rainbow theme done several times at various mehndi events, and in different ways, but I still think it's a beautiful one to do because of the amazing visual it gives.

I thought this marquee one was really sweet, as it was done by the bride's two brothers who decorated the whole marquee themselves using colourful drapes, and adding some pretty, sparkly cushions in the floor to relax on too. Because it was more of a relaxed, intimate do at the bride's home, this didn't need to be too jazzed up, and it felt just right for some fun, games and dancing (Excuse the grainy pictures and the random girl walking past, all I had was my mobile phone to take pictures and I didn't have time to take clearer pictures!)

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