Friday, 27 December 2013

DESIGNER MODE: Greys & Golds by Priya Prakash

For anyone looking for something elegant and a little different to wear when celebrating the New Year - how about this lovely collection of greys and gold saris and dresses by designer Priya Prakash?

I'm a fan of grey when it's done well, and this is certainly quite chic and a little different to the greys I'm used to - not overdressed yet beautifully cut. I don't even go for stripes normally, but the strips of gold on the grey sari at the top is just fabulous, and I'm also loving every sari's blouse which has a different cut to it.

Lastly is the anarkali dress with the gold strips - again something which sounds odd in theory, but looks beautiful on the actual dress. I can see any of these outfits being worn for an evening dinner or a elegant party - and can seriously imagine wearing one of these metallic saris to a shin-dig at New Years!


Reblogged from Anais Events, images via Priya Prakasha Facebook group

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