Monday, 30 December 2013

On the Catwalk, On a Celebrity: Mahira Khan in a Grey & Mustard Nida Azwer Kameez

This is not a recent design from 2013, but I still really liked it -  a Nida Azwer design from last year on the catwalk, a greyish taupe kameez with silver work which is brightened up with mustard accents and pants. I love how modest this outfit looks, it it long and flowy and is beautifully embellished in a way which looks dressy without feeling too heavy - definitely one of my future outfit idea/inspirations!

On the catwalk
I think the outfit looks really elegant here, especially with an asymmetric neckline and mustard tassells which gives a slightly funky, eclectic style to it. This outfit is great for those looking for a more Western look, particularly because it has been styled with no dupatta for a less traditional look and more of an evening-wear style.

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On the celeb
This is the lovely Mahira Khan, a popular Pakistani actress known for her stylish looks, wearing the same outfit to a live show about the TV serial that she stars in (you can see some of it here). I think she has accessorised it well and not tried to over-do the make-up, so it looks quite effortless and very comfortable. I love the sleeves on this outfit, and here it adds a touch of chic luxury and remains quite modest, which makes a difference in my opinion. I'm also glad that the neckline isn't too deep and is quite small, so doesn't look tacky or too revealing for my tastes.

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Personally, I think both the model on the catwalk and Mahira Khan wore this outfit beautifully, it looks chic on both of them, and both have been styled well so that there are not too many accessories with it. I'm not too keen on the model's hair with the outfit, as I think it needs a bit more volume and perhaps looks less feminine, but I think Mahira Khan could have tied her hair slightly up to show more of the dress's design.

On the whole though, neither of the wore it better, they both look pretty good (I've shown this to my sisters and they love this too) and it's nice to see a fresh colour combination like this.

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