Sunday, 8 September 2013

MEHNDI NIGHTS: Rainbow Cupcakes

We went to the Mehndi/Henna Ceremony of a close family friend recently, which had a theme of bright colours and rainbows. One of the 'rainbow' things the bride had was a colourful candy bar, which had some really pretty colourful cupcakes made by my talented sister as well as some amazingly iced biscuits made by the sister-in-law, and plenty of sweets!

The cupcakes set a really pretty theme for the evening, particularly when put together with the colourful stage, the bride's families and their colourful outfits, and of course, the bright colourful lights Needless to say, these cupcakes got eaten up very quickly! What I like about this theme is that it's easy to put together, there's plenty of rainbow features which can be added, and the end result looks pretty and striking.

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