Monday, 9 September 2013

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Parineeti's Feisty Bridal Dress

I watched Bollywood Ishaqzaade recently, which is a sort-of 'Romeo and Juliet' style movie, and one which I really liked because of the feisty-ness of the characters and the well-put together film. Parineeti Chopra plays her character, Zoya, really well, and I found her quite likeable - I've seen her in a couple of other films before, but in this film she really shines.

The costume designers for this are apparently designing duo Varsha / Shilpa, who I think did a good job becuse they created a striking wardrobe, which was pretty and feminine, without being too OTT or unrealistic. I really liked the way Parineeti wears this with loose curls, minimal jewellery and fresh make-up - something which looks simple yet very sweet.

I also love the way this outfit is re-used in the film - it is worn by the character through significant events of her life - the first time she meets the 'Romeo' of the film, her wedding night, and so on - which I thought was really sweet.

I also loved the way Zoya's character mixes street-style clothes with her salwar kameezes - she loves wearing her father's old waistcoats on top of her kameezes for a more funky look, which I thought worked better than you would think! Paired with a simple plait, this makes for quite an interesting casual look, and it certainly gives a different look to a lot of the Western clothes worn by actresses in other films.

I really liked this film, it's sweet, clever and at times, funny and it's rare to have a love film like this which isn't typical or predictable. I even liked the matchy-matchy outfits the couple wear sometimes too - I haven't seen this since the 90s!

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