Sunday, 1 September 2013

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Cream & Colourful Chinyere

I've mentioned before what a busy few weeks we've been having, and thought I'd finally post some of the outfits I've been wearing, particularly as some of them are new ones which I've bought over the summer! So first is this lovely Chinyere design (one of my favourite brands!) which I fell in love with at first sight - it's simple, summery and very light and comfy, very ideal for a mehndi night or a dholki night (I can also see myself wearing this to a summer party as well!)

This is the actual outfit, which was a simple-cut long kurta-style kameez, which was fairly light and floaty, with some lovely embroidery and beadwork. My favourite part of this is the hem, with its colourful patchwork-style pieces.

Here's how I styled it, which I decided to keep simple because it would be more comfortable, and would let the colours stand out more rather than being too over-accessorised. I decided to wear some colourful bangles and one of my blingy rings, and kept it at that (plus a pop of hot pink lipstick and a simple side-braid!) The outfit also did not come with trousers or leggings, so I bought some off-white leggings to go with it, which I loved because they added something trendy to the look.

Outfit - Chinyere
Leggings - Henna-Mehndi
Bangles - Lahore, Pakistan
Ring - Green Street
Clutch Bag - Barratts

And here's me wearing the outfit, complete with pinky accessories (and polka-dot phone cover) and all!

I loved wearing this outfit, it was easy to wear, very comfortable and a change from the deeper colours I'm used to. I've been leaning towards lighter colours these days (mints, corals, peaches) and I'm really loving off-white and gold right now too, particularly as I haven't worn it much in the past. I love the designs that Chinyere has and I'm always on the lookout for more of their designs - they look chic and elegant without needing to be dressed up too much, and are always colourful!


  1. you look lovely :) are your beaded ballet flats from london or pakistan?

    1. Thank you :)
      I'm pretty sure I bought them from London, perhaps Green Street, but I really can't remember as I've had them for years! There's bound to be similar ones to these in Green Street shops though, otherwise perhaps check out Unze website online?

  2. Asalaam alaykum ..I love your blog and your outfits that you wear .. The outfit you have on did you buy it in London or abroad and who stocks this brand please -

    1. Salams, I bought this one online via someone who bought it from the Lahore branch. But Chinyere does retail in London, they sell in Green Street at a store called Bareeze, so check it out!