Friday, 12 October 2012

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Birthday Presents for my Mum

It was my mum's birthday recently, so I took the chance to buy these lovelies which I'd been eyeing up for a while, and buy them for her (which also made up for me forgetting to give them to her on the day, I'm a bad daughter, me). I'm pretty sure that I've inherited my love of sparkly, girly things from my mother, so I was pretty sure that she'd loved these, and thankfully, she did - I bought her a stone-embedded, gold-plated bangle and a gold-plated ring with a semi-precious ring. They weren't horrendously expensive (around £15 for the ring and £25 for the bangle), and I think that they were pretty good value for money - certainly I can imagine my mum being able to wear this a lot, and they're certainly beautiful items which get oohed-and-ahhed over.

The shop I bought these from have beautiful pieces, each which are as as unique as the next, and there's always a new piece of carefully-sourced jewellery in there everytime I go in. If you're anywhere near this shop, be sure to go in and have a look!  In the mean-time, do let me know what you think or these, good bargain or no?


  1. You are a good daughter.I liked both items.My best wishes to your mother.

  2. The ring is just to die for!