Sunday, 21 October 2012

OUTFIT Of The Day: Magenta Pink Sharara

Thought I'd post one of my outfits from the whole wedding season which has been happening in the last few months, especially now that most of the weddings are more or less over for me and I'm not so busy anymore! This is a deep pink sharara and kameez outfit I wore to a close friend's wedding day, which I chose to accessorise with a light metallic nude scarf and matching clutch and handbag. I kept the look pretty simple as the outfit was pretty bling, and didn't wear too many accessories.

I chose to focus more on the gold accents of the outfits to make it easier to accessorise/hijab-wise, and I think it looked nice together. I love how traditional and feminine this outfit is, and it really didn't take much to bling it up!


Sharara outfit - RDC London
Shoes - Kurt Geiger
Clutch bag - New Look
Bangles - One of the shops from Green Street, no idea of the name!
Ring - Accessorize

And this is me wearing the outfit, which I'm not sure you can tell, but I really enjoyed wearing it! It's very flattering on the figure, and it drapes wonderfully which felt really comfortable. I liked the fact that the sharara itself was fairly plain, and because it was made from pure silk it flowed really well.


All in all, I really love this outfit, and it felt really 'weddingy' wearing it! It also helped that the wedding venue I went to was really beautiful, with a lot of amazing detail which made the day even nicer. It's not often I get to wear heavy outfits because it's not always appropriate (can't wear a heavily stone-encrusted lengha to a family dinner, can I!), but it's always great when I can dress up a bit, especially when it brings out the inner Bollywood-queen in me!


  1. Your Sharara is gorgeous, I love the colour and the way it flows. It's beautiful, it's a shame we can't see the face behind the camera ;-) x