Monday, 15 October 2012

BOLLYWOOD ISHTYLE: Beautiful Brides in Housefull 2

I didn't think there would be much to look at in comedy sequel, Housefull 2, and to be honest, the storyline was a little predictable. What I did love was the beautiful bridal scenes at the end of the movie (spoilers, sorry!) which featured 4 beautiful actresses in some really colourful, bright bridal costumes which actually looked really nice together.

I liked how each bride was given her own individual look and colour to set them apart slightly, yet they all complimented each other and still managed to look slightly traditional Indian - and of course they all looked stunning. Here are the brides' in their full (and colourful) glory, complete with beautiful make-up and accessories.

First up was Asin's bridal look, who was the only bride who wore mainly red, with slight accents of green, giving a very traditional colour combination. I love her kundan-style jewellery, and the fact that the accessories were quite simple, letting the outfit shine, while the make-up was also kept quite neutral. I like the fact that both the outfit and the accessories of this bride are easy to find on the high street, and are quite in fashion (especially in some of the London high street shops!)

Next was Jacqueline, whose look I think I like the most, although it does help that she is an absolute stunner. Her colour combination was a bit more interesting, a mix of rusty orange, red and hot pink, which looked quite pretty together and still quite bridal, finished off with beaded jewellery and a pretty, long plait. Again, I like the fact that her face is not over-crowded, and the fact that the style of her choli is quite simple so it doesn't look too much with the heavy lengha.

After this was Shazahn, a new actress who looked very pretty and feminine in a very funky yellow lengha with purple, pink and red complimenting colours, which again gave a very bridal look but also made it look very stylish. I think this could have been a risky colour combination because there are a lot of colours, but it does look pretty together and is toned down by her pretty dupatta setting and the fact that her jewellery is chunky yet simple.

Lastly is Zarine, who has a very traditional look, right down to the hair pieces and the matta-patti she wears which look lovely with her pink shaded outfit.  She's also the most accessorised bride of them all, with regal-style jewellery, which is again, emphasised by her simple make-up style and less embellished outfit.  I didn't get to see this outfit properly, especially as Zarine's duppatta is pinned towards the front so the lengha is slightly covered at the front and gives more of a colour block, but it is nevertheless still a very pretty bridal look and looks the most traditional in terms of jewellery.

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Overall, the bridal look of this film was stunning - and it just shows how much the styles of Bollywood has changed compared to the older eras of Bollywood. Although the brides' style may not be to everyone's taste (some of us may not like the half-choli look, for example), I definitely think these brides looks beautiful, and each look has been well-put together so they wouldn't look out of place on the catwalk or on a real bride! I also like the fact that the actresses wore the same outfits on the ramp for a fashion show later on too, which you can see pictures of here and here.

What did you think of these outfits, pretty and wearable, or too bright and gaudy? Which outfit did you like best?

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