Wednesday 12 September 2012

Dholki Night #2: Dancing Tweens, Cupcakes & Giggly boys

On day two of the dholki nights, the dancing really hotted up - we had the younger girls warming up the floor for us (with my two young nephews running around in response and pretending to be brides!) before we managed to get some of the women up dancing and clapping - and of course there was plenty of food, dahi bhalay, cupcakes and lots of buffet style foods like samosas, which we scoffed down. There was even a dance rendition to Kajra Re!

And this is what I wore, a long, simple anarkali dress in teal-y green, with embellishment on the neckline and a purple border. I love this dress, it's simple, classic and very, very comfortable. I also think the colour is very flattering, and the silver and purple diamante work was very easy to match shoes and a pair of earrings to. Again, I kept this simple to accommodate for being able to run around, and because the shape of the dress and style of it didn't need too much dressing up.

I loved wearing this outfit, it's very flowy and looked quite sparkly when on, and is a great colour for a dholki night or a party. I've seen this outit in different colours in the high street, but I'm quite happy with this colour combination (plus the outfit is a little more special as it was a birthday present from my mum!)

Roll on Day 3!


  1. Lovely outfit! I love the pic of your nephew as a dulhan - adorable!!

  2. very flattering outfit!waiting for more pictures.

  3. Thanks girls! My nephew is really naughty, but he enjoyed himself a lot!