Tuesday 11 September 2012

Dholki Night #1: Let the Dholki Games begin!

We set up a marquee in my back garden for the week for some dholki nights, for the days leading up to my sister's wedding day, so we could have our own shenanigans and basically dance the night away. We used fabric to decorate the marquee ourselves and make it colourful, and also set up seating area, candles and baskets of goodies for the guests.

Here's a picture of what the marquee looks like (before the mess that was left at the end of the night!), and the colourful look we were aiming for:

I decided to wear a very simple, silk salwar kameez outfit stitched by my mum from a couple of years ago, which has a beautiful, rich blue, teal and purple ombre-style dupatta to jazz it up, and also some colourful beaded khussay shoes and colourful earrings to match (the last two both picked up for a bargain from Green Street!)

We started the week of dholkis off pretty well, there was a lot of (mis-matched) singing and dancing, and it was great to be in a relaxed atmosphere in comfy clothes and pretty tea lights everywhere!