Sunday, 24 June 2012

OUTFIT Of The Day: Red & Gold Anarkali and Glittery Shoes!

Went to a lovely Morroccan wedding yesterday, saw some seriously beautiful outfits (more about this later!), and enjoyed seeing a lot of singing, dancing, and some fabulously bling shoes. Oh, and the food was lovely, of course.

I chose to wear this dress as I thought it would look nice and sparkly with some golden pumps and a chocolate brown scarf, matched with one of my more extravagant hijab pins. I was pretty pleased with it all in the end (although my feet were a bit worn out by the end of the night!)
Here's a picture of the outfit I put together:

And this is me wearing the dress and a flash of the shoes too, in all it's swishy glory (sorry for the dodgy lighting!):

I've worn this dress before and I love how comfy it is, and how sparkly it looks. It's very easy to wear, doesn't need much accessorising, and has a great shape to it. I also like the fact that it's quite a classic shape, so will still be wearable even with the long dresses trend at the moment.

This was an outfit that a friend kindly ordered from India for me, and it's in brilliant shape for the last year and half that I've had it, the quality of the work, stitching and material has lasted beautifully, and looks very flattering (not to mention purse friendly!) This suit has been one which I always get compliments on, and I can imagine a few future occasions I'll be wearing it to :)


  1. Love the look!! The outfit is lovely and the shoes gorgeous! Mind sharing where they're from?

  2. Thanks! Those shoes are very handy! I bought them from Debenhams, but I've seen them in quite a few places like Baratts, KG (for the more expensive ones), Dune and I think Linzi has them! x

  3. It did look very nice, not sure about the shoes though...remind me of red glittery pumps I had as a child - they reminded of Dorothy's shoes from the Wizard of Oz.