Friday, 22 June 2012

DESIGNER MODE: Designs by Saree Swarg

There are a lot of companies forming online which sell more affordable pieces which are inspired from outfits in Bollywood, designers in India and Pakistan, and sourced from a lot of shops in these places. I find that there are a few places which have had some good reviews, with prices either matching the high street or even being cheaper. I haven't tried any of these online shops myself so I can't recommend any (yet!), but I have seen a variety of pretty dresses and saris which are a great alternative for those of you looking for cheaper outfits or different designs.

One example of these is Saree Swarg, which has outfits from around £60 and upwards, and look quite affordable and similar to the prices on the high street, and has a fair good range of designs. I've posted a few pictures of their designs here to get an idea, they're not extravagant designs, but pretty, colourful and very wearable. My favourite design which has caught my eye is the first one, which is around £80 for the suit. Although this dress doesn't have a lot of embellishment, I love the colours used and the rich fabrics, and I can imagine this would make great party piece and the fact that it looks so dressy without needing much effort.

There are a lot of the more simpler designs and more classic designs, which suggest value for money, but this may not appeal to everyone who may want something more fashionable. In any case, have a browse, if anything, it may be a source of inspiration!

 Images belong to Saree Swarg


  1. Hello dear,
    I have become your regular follower and trust me I regularly check your blog.I am a huge fan of your clothes.I recently started my blog named time in my life I started blogging.

  2. Hi

    Could you recommend any other online shops that have beautiful outfits and reasonable affordable

  3. Hi,

    I am a regular reader of your sister's blog and I've been popping in and out of yours too. I'm looking for some Indian dresses, and though I am Indian by origin, I don't really have any. I don't live close to London/Birmingham or any of the other Asian hubs, so I was wondering if you could recommend a good quality online shop that is based in the UK? The above dress you recommended looks lovely :) but as I'm a first timer, I don't feel confident at all to order from the US. Thanks for your help!


  4. Hi, I'm not really sure where to start! I've heard good reviews from Utsav ( although I'm not sure where they are based. Personally, I'd recommend having a look through at their bazaar section (try here for the directory)

    I'll keep and eye out for the UK based designers, but otherwise try Facebooking some of the UK based retailers to ask them if they can send you anything otherwise!

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