Tuesday, 26 June 2012

GLAMOROUS ACCESSORIES: Huge Green & Gold Kundan Ring

Yep, another huge kundan ring! Saw these lovelies in a shop called Ramsha (in Ilford, East London) which I really liked, there were a couple of colours, bright blue, amber browny-gold and these two, a lovely pink and a teal-y green. I was quite torn between these two as both looked really pretty in their own colours, and they would go well with a lot of my outfits; the pink looks really pretty and girly and the green is just a really lovely shade of colour which really appealed to me.

So yep, I went with the green. I was quite pleased with the choice too, it's a nice,rich green which goes well with the white stones and the gold metal.
The ring itself is quite huge, but looks very well made and fits very securely on my hand :)


And here's an idea of just how big it is on my hand (it seriously looks like a battle armour shield for my hand!), and how much of a statment piece it is.

I managed to snap this up for just £12, and last I checked there were still a couple of rings left in case you wanted one! I think these make really nice, traditional pieces which can really jazz up an outfit, and I've seen these worn on mehndi nights which look great when you want a minimal jewellery-look.

What do you think of it? Think I should have gone for the pink?


  1. Flippin heck. The size of it!

  2. I think its bigger than my small but chubby hand