Wednesday, 13 July 2016

My Eid - Day #2

Eid day two was a quieter affair, which was spent at my mum's house with the sisters and the nieces and nephews. My parents are currently getting work done to their house, so there wasn't much opportunity for anything fancy, but it was a nice opportunity to relax with the girls after a busy Eid and enjoy the gorgeous sun.

I opted for something comfortable to wear for this day, which was a comfy embroidered outfit by Sana Safinaz which I purchased a couple of years ago from Dubai, and which is in my favourite shade of purple. I kept the look simple with white flats and simple jewellery, with a plain white clutch.

This is how I wore the outfit, which felt quite pretty on. The kameez for this was originally a longer length, which I altered by cutting to a shorter length and moving the hem-piece higher - more about this in a separate post! 

My older niece and nephews were looking quite smart on the day too - my niece wore a pretty, flowy batwing dress with a sparkly statement necklace and bracelet, and the boys wore matching shirts and chinos whihc were perfect for the summer weather.

And of course the baby nieces wore pretty summer dresses which looked lovely - I loved the maxi dress on the older toddler, and the boho-chic summer print dress on the little one!

I didn't get to take pictures of the food, which were mainly the same from the day before (plus more cake and chocolate!) but it was a lovely day. We also got some very cool presents from each other - I think I agree with my sister that this one was the coolest one though, check her post out and let me know what you think of the candle idea!

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