Saturday, 9 July 2016

My Eid - Chand Raat

I finally have some time to post about my lovely Eid, which was a great few days with the family - I hope your Eid was lovely too :)

This Ramadan, my sisters were feeling pretty worn out by the end of the month, so we decided to keep it chilled out for Chand Raat by ordering take-out (who wants to cook, really??) and putting on henna. My eldest sister volunteered to host the Eid dinner for the next day, so she was pretty busy with preps, so we thought we'd help out with the decor a little and also take the older girls in the family out to enjoy Chand Raat on the main road.

We don't really tend to do anything that extravagant when it comes to Chand Raat, but we do still like to enjoy the buzz of the atmosphere, especially as everyone is getting ready for the next day and there's plenty of food, music and late night shopping going on!

Here's a few pictures of the street scenes outside, which were busy with lots of families and women buying bangles and jewellery, having mehndi applied and buying clothes, and plenty of bright lights. 

There was plenty of dhol-players playing 90s and 00s tunes to set the mood, as well as a few dancers on the street (and a very busy road with a traffic jam!)

My nieces and sister got their mehndi done by their neighbour who did an amazing job with beautifully detailed mehndi (although the babies didn't keep theirs on for long!)

I took the opportunity to wear my new kurta from Pakistan which my mum bought a few months ago, It was perfect for the warm weather, very comfortable and looked really pretty paired with trousers from Khaadi. I picked out the red accents with red shoes and lipsticks and was ready to go!

It was a really lovely way to spend our last night in Ramadan and also open our fast with the family. I managed to also quickly get my own preps done for Eid (ironing, wrapping presents, tidying the house!) before I went out for the festivities, and went to bed later in the night tired but happy!

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