Sunday, 10 July 2016

My Eid - Day #1

We had a fab Eid this last few days, which was spent with the close family – great food and good company! My eldest sister hosted at her house this year, which was a colourful affair, with lots of happy kids (and adults!) and a chance for us all to catch up and have a few laughs.

(Credits to my sister Everyphototunity for the pictures below, as I didn't get to take many myself!)

For this Eid's outfit, I opted to wear a pretty turquoise and silver outfit, which I thought was different from the usual soft colours I've been going for lately. The outfit itself came from Pakistan (although I did look in the local shops to see what was on offer as well!) which I accessorised with silver jewellery and a lilac-grey pair of shoes and hijab.

My sisters all wore pretty colourful outfits this year, which went well together. I think we're all leaning more and more towards comfortable, quality outfits, especially with more embroidery and lace, and less of the bling! I love that we all had different styles but they all looked great together.

I'm sure you've seen that the latest thing in Pakistani fashion is lace cuffs on trousers, which half of the girls in the family seemed to have ended up with - again, they looked great together with heels!

I also loved what all of the toddlers wore on Eid, all of these were outfits bought by my Mum from Pakistan a few weeks ago. The outfits were embroidered dresses with jackets sewn on top, which looked really pretty on the girls in various colours - as usual they managed to out-dress the adults!

Every year we always take Eid as a great opportunity to put on mehndi on our hands the night before Eid, which looked great on my sister and on the nieces. I wanted to put some on myself but was too tired to by the end of the night – but there’s always next Eid!

My sister picked a colourful decor theme this year, which reminded us of watermelons and pineapple fruits, fresh colours for the summer! Again, I forgot to take proper pictures of the decor, but here's a peek anyway!

And of course Eid wouldn’t be Eid without the scrumptious food, which was cooked by my eldest sister, and later by my aunt. We were all pretty stuffed by the end of the day (which is why I don’t have a lot of food pictures – we were all busy stuffing our faces.) It was also really nice to spend lunch and dinner with all of the family, after a month of quiet iftars between myself and my husband!

Lunch/dinner was followed by yummy treats - chocolatey cakes baked by one of my sisters, and sweet pots gifted to each of us by my elder sister.

We had a really fun Eid, which was pretty laid back (half of us took naps in the middle of the day before we went to dinner at my aunts!) and which was a great opportunity to spend with the family. My sister is still planning an Eid party for the women pretty soon as well, so it's not entirely over yet - I'll post pictures soon!

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